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Teach you to play UFABET Hello, all online gambling members Today, we can’t bear the call of members. In asking us to explain playing pau, to conclude that it was not a waste of time Let’s get started. Say before anyone who has played other types of card games before

Having said that, Poko card game is a card game that, if you have never played Considered not yet in the card industry itself. Let’s go to see. The equipment used to play beads, tamarind beads, beads or other similar items in the amount of 40 – 120 beads and cover. The organizer will play to cover the pawns. (Or something else) and open to tempt the players

The player will bet on Oh, Inlaid, Meng, Polar or Ticket, etc. Once the player has finished betting, the organizer of the play will open the lid to explain the premiums (give the premiums) one by one, carrying the pieces (or 4) as a judge. See? Just starting to have fun playing Pokémon.

Equipment used to play chips, tamarind beads, beads, or other similar items in the amount of 40 – 120 beads and cover. Fantan playing methods generally use nuts, buttons, beads, tamarind beads, or anything else that has similar characteristics and sizes as equipment.

Stack on the table

The live game system from real casinos in foreign countries Employees holding a cup covering the entire stack of peas divided into stacks and then the last remaining pile for the gamblers around the world to choose to bet via the internet in real time, how many nuts will be between 1-4, just guess and get the prize easily

This game takes quite fast and is fun to play. The bet feature is similar to a spin poker. The difference is that playing Poké spin, the brass cup is covered with a large square bar.

There is a ball made of brass, a small square bar, and a tongue tongue pierced cube on one side with a pattern painted white. The other side is painted red.

Used for displaying points on the paddle board for players to stab. Before playing, they agreed to use the white side or the red side as the door pointing side.

After which spin Then take the cup to the middle of the board Start betting by allowing players to choose to bet on various forms such as Oh, Inlaid, Meng, Chua, Kuk, tickets.Can believe that card lovers shouldn’t miss, you should try once in your life You will have an experience that invites you to enjoy.

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